Who We Are?

Easy to reach locations

The red arrows indicates the area of the hunt. Just follow the arrows

Romanian cusine

Our rich cuisine will spoil your taste buds with an intensive mix of flavors, and you won’t help but love it.
•Moldavian Stew
•Cabbage rolls with minced meat
•Radauti soup
•Grilled sturgeon
•Roasted eggplant salad

Bow hunting

Bow hunting is the practice of hunting game animals by archery.Many indigenous peoples have employed the technique as their primary hunting method for thousands of years,and it has survived into contemporary use for sport and hunting.

Our Mission

The manner in which we hunt and the way we conduct ourselves has never been more important.

Practicing good hunting ethics and passing them on, is the key to positive perception for future generations of hunters.

Extraordinary Experiences

How extremely fortunate we are to have the opportunity and ability to hunt.

The sobering fact is that most people do not and never will have that chance.A love pf the outdoors,wildlife and hunting are among the greatest gifts passed to us.

Our Core Values

An ethnical hunter is a person who knows and respects the animal hunted, follows the law and behaves in a way that will satisfy what society expects from him as a hunter.Wildlife is amazing and unique.

“For some of us, hunting is a hobby, for me, it’s passion.”