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Among any other places in Europe the Danube Delta and it’s surroundings offers a large opportunity for geese and ducks hunt. Large green fields of turnips(rapeseed) and fields with corn leftovers are to be found in the vicinity of the water lagoons that border the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. We are in the geese territory where thousands of birds are flying over the fields all day long. The geese hunt is usually done from blinds in the fields or from hides situated near by the fields where the geese are coming to feed, of course using plastic decoys and callers to attract the geese. I take the liberty to give you some friendly advices for this type of very difficult hunt.
One important factor for the hunter in the blind is to keep perfectly still, no movement until the shot is called. The hunter shouldn’t be looking up at the geese. To be on the safe side, I think it’s even better when you wear a face mask. One of the golden rules is that if you can see the geese, they can see you better, so keep still and don’t move. I promise you that this simple bit of discipline in the blind will help you put more geese down. We need to set our goose decoys to deliver several messages about the flock on the ground. These messages include where the food is located in the field, where the food is not located, and where the safe spots are. Decoys obviously speak for themselves, they suggest that there is food at that goose’s location. This is important because geese typically land as close as possible to the food source.
The hunting partie will end around noon time.
The ducks hunt is organized on the swallow lakes with low water level. The hunters(2 in a boat) are acompagnied by a ranger for the hunt. The ranger will put the plastic decoys on the water, drive the engine boat, collect the birds at the end of the day hunt. The hunting party will end around noon time.

Recommended period for this hunt : 1st November - 15th February


Day 1.  Arrival at Otopeni airport and transfer to the hunting area.Dinner and accomodation
Day 2. Early breakfast and departure for ducks hunting place and around noon time will be back for lunch. In the afternoon will go out with          

            pointing dogs for a hunt for pheasants and hares.
Day 3. Early breakfast and departure for the ducks hunting place.After lunch will be transfered to the new destination for the geese       

            hunt.Dinner and accomodation.
Day 4. Early breakfast and geese hunt until noon time.Lunch.Afternoon free.Dinner.
Day 5. Early breakfast and departure for geese hunting place.Lunch.Afternoon free.Dinner.

Day 6. Breakfast and transfer to Bucharest airport.


5 nights accommodation & full board in single rooms, transfers from/to Bucharest airport 
4 days Romanian hunting licence, local transportation to the hunting areas 
Engine boats, dogs, plastic decoys, callers, guide and rangers
Preparation and refrigeration of the birds, property of the hunted birds

  Flights, cartridges, tips, insurance, extra expences.
Guns(semiautomatic guns can be rented at)35 euro/day/pers
Veterinary certificate100 euro/group
Non hunting companion(full board&accomodation)120 euro/night
Additional hunting day 350 euro/pers.
Minimum 4 hunters group
Supplement rate for group only 3 hunters    200 euro/pers.
Supplement rate for group only 2 hunters   350 euro/pers.
Supplement rate for only 1 hunter500 euro/pers.

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