Ducks,Quails & Dove Hunt



It cannot be a better hunting combination in the month of September. Quails are in high migration, African and collared doves are always in flight over the sun flower plantations and the ducks are in good numbers on the lakes. Do not forget that the 1 of September is the opening hunting day for ducks, after 6 month of non season silence.
In the vecinity of the Danube Delta , only 30 km away from the river Danube where  there are enourmous fields with sun flower and corn where  at the beginning of august comes a huge migration of quails. In their  journey towards south those little birds remain on this fields for more than 2 month.

The most remarkable period of hunt is between 1 september to 28 september when migration is on top. We guarantee a very successful hunt in this period. This is the most perfect hunting combination at the beginning of the season. The ducks hunt is done with rangers from hunting boats or platform hides on the lakes. You will be escorted by a professional ranger. The ranger will drive the hunting boat, plant the plastic decoys, collect the hunted birds, play the calling devices. The abundance of the ducks at the beginning of september is incredible, especially that for 6 month the hunt was stoped. The quail hunt is done from  6:30 in the morning until 11:30 when it starts to be very hot as well for the hunters and also for the dogs. During the night we use callers to gather the birds together on the fields. In this period 4 hunters can easly put down in the morning aprox. 150-200 quails. After a good lunch will drive to another place to exercise our skills at turtle and african doves hunt. The hunting day will end around 17:00. As a point of view of exercising our shooting skills at he beginning of the hunting season quail and african doves hunt is the best beginning for an experience hunter.

Recommended period: 1st september to 28th september


Day 1.  Arrival at Bucharest airport and transfer to hotel in Macin. Information cocktail and dinner.
Day 2. Breakfast and quails hunt. Lunch. Afternoon hunt for doves. Dinner.
Day 3. Breakfast and ducks hunt until noon time. Lunch. Afternoon free. Dinner
Day 4. Breakfast and quails hunt Afternoon hunt for doves. Dinner.
Day 5. Breakfast and transfer to Bucharest airport.


Transfers, local transportation to the hunting areas, fullboard, drinks(in a reasonable quantities). 3 days Romanian hunting licence, rangers, callers, dogs, guide, refrigeration of the birds, property of the hunted birds.

  Flights, cartridges, tips, insurance, extra expences.
Guns(semiautomatic guns can be rented at)35 euro/day/pers
Veterinary certificate100 euro/group
Non hunting companion(full board&accomodation)120 euro/night
Additional hunting day 300 euro/pers.
Optional afternoon doves hunt/arrival120 euro/pers.
Minimum 4 hunters group
Supplement rate for group only 3 hunters    200 euro/pers.
Supplement rate for group only 2 hunters   350 euro/pers.
Supplement rate for only 1 hunter500 euro/pers.

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