Hunting Calendar

 Species of birds Legal period
Quails 15 August        - 31 October
Collared dove15 August        - 28 February
African dove15 August        - 30 September
Partrige15 September - 31 December
Wood pigeon01 September - 10 February
Woodcock(Becasse)01 September - 28 February
Ducks(mallard,teal,garganey,godwall,shoveller)01 September - 15 February
Goose(white fronted goose,pink footed goose) 15 October      - 15 February
Pheasant01 October      - 28 February
Hare01 November   - 31 January

Riffle and ammunition
When entering Romania a hunter can bring two guns with maximum 3 shots one, and 100 cartridges for each riffle.The bullets,while flying have to be kept in a metal or plastic container.The hunting gun clearance in Romania is very difficult so we SUGGEST you to rent riffles and buy cartridges in Romania.In order to pass through the Romanian customs for hunting purposes you have to send us by email all necessary documents with 30 days before your arrival.The following documents are requested:Passport,Hunting permit,Gun licence,Insurance.


Traveling documents
-valid passport 
-hunting permit/licence 
-hunting accidents assurance 
-riffle permit/licence

Expert advice
In order to have all the necessary confort during your hunting trip it is advisable to have on you the following: 
-a good pair of sun glasses 
-a thermos and a flask for alcoholic drinks 
-a first aid kit 
-gloves,hat,neoprene boots,a rain coat 

For the warm season summer/autumn we advise you to have on you some sun burn lotion as well as sprays and creams against moskitoes(autan). 

If you intend to come to Romania with your own dogs you need the following documents: 
-internatioanl veterinary certificate issued by a vet with the proof that the antirabic vaccination has been done.This certificate has to be issued 10 days before your arrival to Romania. 
-while flying the dogs have to be transported in special traveling boxes, purchased by the dog owners,and the transport for the dog is payed at the airport by the owner. 

This are welcomed and as everywhere in the European Community,good services are rewarded by the clients.For more information contact the CLUB AVENTURA representative.