red stags hunt



Do you dream of stag hunting? Of hearing the roar of the stag up in the mountains?
We can offer this outstanding, exciting and challenging hunt for red stags in Romania.
You and your ranger will search for the big, roaring stags up in the mountains.
You will enjoy an outstanding, but hard hunt, with the valleys echoing to the roars of the stags. It is an intense, gripping hunt that you will never forget.
In our hunting reserve the average trophy size is between 7 – 9kg. Bigger stags can also be found, the largest stag taken had a trophy of 13,5kg.
The hunting is in incredibly exciting,  mountainous terrain with a lot of forest cover. One of our priorities is to provide accommodation for our hunters in single rooms, in a exclusive hacienda, with a large variety of facilities or close to the hunting district itself, to ensure the best possible service for our hunter. Full board is included “A LA CARTE” acoppagnied by rafined vine and spirits.

PRICE INCLUDE: 1950 euro

4 nights accommodation with full board&drinks
3 Days Romanian Hunting Licence

Ranger escort 1:1

All transfers between the airport and the hunting district
All transport in the hunting reserve


Flights, carabine, ammunition
Trophy Fees
Cites certificate for red deer export.
Shipment of trophies home, export taxes.
Organisation of the hunt(200 euro/day/hunter)

Trophy Price List

  Trophy weight (Kg) Price in EuroAddition to the fee for every 10 gr. over the mass of trophy
Up to 6.99 kg1.500
7.0 kg - 7.99 kg1.9007
8.0 kg - 8.99 kg2.6007.5
9.0 kg - 9.99 kg3.2509.5
10.0 kg - 10.99 kg4.20019
11.0 kg - 11.49 kg6.10047.5
Above 11.50 kg 8.50050
Wounded and not recovered1000
Missed shots150